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IP Address:
Country Code: US
3 Letters Code: USA
Country Flag:
United States
Country Name: United States
State / Region: CT Connecticut
City: Fairfield
Postal Code: 06828
Latitude: 41.1854
Longitude: -73.2645
Time Zone: America/New_York
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What is an IP address?

IP is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol and is a kind of address on the Internet. Generally one has to differentiate between a dynamic and a static IP address.

Such an IP address consists of 4 randomly generated blocks of numbers, separated by a period.Each block of numbers has 1 - 3 characters and is used to identify every computer on the Internet. Example form of an IP:

An industrial server receives a fixed IP address (which must be registered and approved) with assigned parameters. This is usually installed in a data center. Thus data & parameters of an industrial server e.g. can be queried with a "GeoIP Location Tool".

A privately used computer in the home network is installed in an Internet line for access to the Internet. This Internet line receives a dynamic IP address from the provider (i.e. constantly changing IP, usually every 24 hours).

Some webmasters who operate home servers / NAS or IP cams ask themselves: Why does this IP address change every 24 hours, does that have to be? The answer to this question is: YES, for security reasons, because every computer can be attacked by hackers via its IP address. To avoid or complicate this, the IP address becomes dynamic. In order to make a home server or IP cam accessible from outside the home network, the server master can use a DynDNS provider / service. This provides a permanent connection from one dynamic IP to an external fixed address (domain). A determination of the data and parameters of a dynamic IP is also possible with the "GeoIP Location Tool".
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